I work as a senior engineer in the raw materials and process optimisation department, and started at Nofima in April 2019. My main focus is on the cultivation of muscle cells and analyzing their properties through the application of various molecular biological analysis methods.

I am a qualified biotechnologist from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (2001), and I have a PhD in development biology from UiO/OUS, where I studied various aspects of the canonical WNT receptor signalling pathway and its impact on brain development in mice (2010).
I have previously worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Oslo University Hospital – Rikshospitalet, where I studied the effect of treating colorectal cancer cells with a combination of inhibitors against three interacting signalling pathways that are all central to maintaining cell growth, both in in vitro cell systems and in in vivo mouse models.

I have extensive experience in the cultivation of various primary and established cell lines, as well as in using a wide range of molecular biological techniques.

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Raw materials and process optimization

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