I work with communication and public relations. My job involves being responsible for the Communication department, which also includes the library, archives and switchboard.

On a day-to-day basis, I work with the branding and reputation management of Nofima. Some of this time is also used on public relations, which means that I keep in touch with politicians and other decision-makers.

I am affiliated with Nofima’s management team which involves strategic work and the positioning of Nofima.

Before moving into the communication industry in 2006, my background was in the media, which included working for Nordlys, Troms Folkeblad, Bladet Tromsø and VG.

When I joined Nofima in 2013, I left my position as head of communications in Tromsø Municipality.

+47 416 10 130

+47 77 62 92 22