When I started in Nofima I worked mainly with cod and Genetic analysis in the National cod breeding program in Tromsø. Since that time Nofima has established a breedingpopulation and breeding program for cod, and I am still Connected to this Group in Nofima. Today I work in the Fish Health Group in Nofima, Tromsø. One main area is development and establishment of bacterial Challenge models for salmon and lumpfish mainly. This for future disease control and vaccine development for these species. I also work with salmon lice and with the amoeba that causes AGD, Amoebic gill disease in salmon and other species of fish. We have a Challenge model for salmon lice and good facilities at the Aquaculture Research Station in Tromsø. Here we produce lice and can run different trials using this model, and this also includes BioAssay studies. I coordinate bacterial trials and salmon lice trials run at the Station. The latest challenge model developed is AGD, and we have used this in several trials.

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