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Nofima is one of the major institutions in Europe on applied science and I have been working at Nofima since January 2008. My academic background (M.Sc) is in Public Health and Nutrition, and I wrote my master’s thesis on elderly and their nutrition habits. In Nofima, I focus on different approaches to nutrition, health and consumer as well as quantitative and qualitative research. In addition, I am involved in projects, which focus on innovation and product development. I coordinated the cluster “Fremtidsmat” from 2011 to 2015. Further, I am currently the coordinator of two major projects at Nofima, Økologiprogrammet” (Ecology Program), financially supported by The Norwegian Agriculture Agency and the “SaltNett” project organized by the Saltpartnerskapet. In the Økologiprogrammet Nofima arrange courses for institutional kitchens on how to be more ecological efficient. I am a member of the Saltpartnerskapet (Salt Partnership) steering group.
I have extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition and public health, especially from projects where research, industry and government collaborate for a better diet in the population.
One of my main tasks is to integrate and transfer knowledge about Nofima’s researches in the nutrition and health field to the industry, authorities and other professionals. The findings are especially discussed through networking, writing articles and being active in various media channels. I am also linked to the University of Oslo as a lecturer in nutrition in dental hygienist program at the Faculty of Dentistry. Among others, I am a contact-point towards the Norwegian Food Safety Authorities, Mattilsynet and The Norwegian Directorate of Health, Helsedirektoratet in the matter of food labelling and Health claims.