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My main competency is in the field of phenomics, where the goal is to take measurement methods from technology readiness zero up to industry implementation in selection indices and breeding goals. My primary focus is on screening alternative methods of measurement against more costly gold standard methods by evaluating accuracy, precision, throughput, automation and quantitative genetic value. I have experiences working with bio spectroscopy, microbiomics, metabolomics, proteomics, restricted selection index traits and numerous sensors in time series. I have applied these to feed efficiency, methane emissions, activity, fertility, genotype by environment interactions in livestock and aquaculture species. I am currently involved in applying Raman spectroscopy, NIR, microbiomics, real time non-invasive sensor technologies in Atlantic Salmon.
Education: BSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Stellenbosch University (2010), MSc Genetics and Animal Breeding, Stellenbosch University (2013). PhD Animal Breeding and Genetics (2018) Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands & Aarhus University, Denmark (2018).