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I am a Postdoc in the Cereal group – Food & Health Department working in FoodProFuture project which focuses on the develop of a Knowledge platform for optimal production and utilization of Norwegian plant materials into tasty, healthy and attractive plant-based food products with high protein content. More precisely, I’m dealing with sustainable processing techniques to obtain protein-rich ingredients and their incorporation to develop innovative model food products (WP3).
Area of expertise
Green Processes for developing health-promoting products (Extraction of bioactive compounds from natural sources & Encapsulation), Development of Controlled Food Delivery Systems (Solid Lipid Particles, Biopolymer-based particles, Aerogels, Microbubbles, Hybrid structures), Powder technology, Beverage Technology, Food hydrocolloids, Experimental design – Response Surface Methodology, Food rheology, Emulsion gelation, New product and process design/optimization from pilot to industrial scale, Characterization and food incorporation of produced systems, Frozen products, Flavour improvement of coffee, Coffee roasting, Extrusion Technology, Coffee chemistry