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Senior Research Scientist at Nofima since 2008. My main research interest is food and health with focus on fat and fat soluble compounds in edible oils, cereals, vegetables, meat and fish. My current research is focused on studying the digestion of foods and food emulsions, and how processing may increase bioaccessibility of nutrients. I am involved in studies on how food structure and food components influence fat digestion and how products can be designed to promote satiety. My current research also includes studies of lipid peroxidation during digestion, with special focus on the relationship between digestion of red meat and colon cancer. Master of Science (Physics) from the Norwegian University of Science a
nd Technology (1980), and Dr.Philos in cell biology and carcinogenesis from the University of Oslo (1996). Professional experience as Research Scientist at the Institute of Pathology, The National Hospital, Oslo (1980-1992), and Research Scientist and Research Manager in the Norwegian food company Mills DA (1993-2008).